Secret stuffs of Exness you should know!

- Ngày đăng: 29/08/2017

Exness is very strong recently. Their ads have been showing everywhere, anytime and to all traders. This is a very impressive growth. Because just 2 years ago, Exness did nothing. Now if you search the keyword “best forex broker” they are ranking number 1! And Exness just got highest trading volume ever on March 2017. Exness got 60% trading volume growth compare with the last month of 2016. They got this achievement because of simple strategy: improve trading condition, focus more on professional traders while other forex brokers are acquiring new clients by bonus. This is the perfect strategy because professional traders contribute more trading volume and also more loyal. Exness start improving their trading conditions from last year 2016. They improve the server, MT4, reduce slippage, reduce spread,... and the strategy gave them the instant results. Their trading volume increased 60% just 3 months recently! Now, if you ask why we should trade in Exness? I can easily answer you that:

1. Exness offers best trading conditions for professional traders.

If you didn’t trade in Exness last few months, you will surprise now! It’s true. Their server was rating the best server now. Exness minimize all slippage and speedup execution speed. They also reduce spread a lot. Especially for Gold, their spread now is the best.

exness scram best forex broker

2. Exness offers ECN account with lowest commission

Exness also invests more for ECN account because it is the best forex account for professional traders. ECN’s spread is zero. And they only charge 25$ per million USD trading volume. It means Exness only charge 2.5$ per lot. It’s incredible low commission. That’s why a lot of ECN traders are moving to Exness and contribute a lot for their growth.

3. Exness offers low spread.

While most of big forex brokers are offering spread of EURUSD from 1 to 2 pips, Exness is offering clients spread from 0.1. But to take advantage of this low spread, you have to open classic account which minimum deposit is 2000$.

This strategy also target to professional traders. Because new traders like bonus but professional traders like good trading conditions.

4. Exness increased leverage to unlimited.

This is their highest advantage. Exness is the first and only broker offer unlimited leverage! Their main market is China and chinese like gambling that why they like high leverage. Now, if you take advantage of unlimited leverage, all your opening oder’s margins will be charge at 0$. It saves your margin and trade more.

5. Finally, Exness’ payment system is the fastest one.

Have you ever heard about Instant payment system concept? Only Exness offers instant withdrawal. You can deposit and withdraw your fund instantly. This is very important for professional traders. Because they deposit a lot of money. Because they will get much more interest fund if they withdraw faster.

All these advantages help Exness breakthrough all other competitors and became the biggest forex brokers on the world now.


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